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Drug use prompts RTD to remove bathroom stall doors at Union Station bus concourse

Posted at 6:35 PM, Dec 17, 2018

DENVER — Riders trying to use the bathrooms at Union Station in the bus concourse are having a hard time finding privacy. RTD removed the doors.

“It is a kind of awkward to be using the bathroom with nothing in front of you,” said rider Madeleine Baer.

The move is RTD’s attempt to discourage drug use and try to prevent overdoses. Something riders are all too familiar with.

“I have heard a lot of people trading rolling papers for cocaine. It’s the only thing I have directly seen lying around,” said rider Russell Brown.

A security guard tells Denver7 the doors at Civic Center Station were removed three weeks ago and then recently replaced with half doors.

RTD designed the smaller doors so that security guards can see more clearly what’s going on.

"They are cut in the corner so security guards can tell if there are multiple people in a stall, but it will give people privacy as they are using the restroom,” said Tina Jaquez, RTD’s Public Relations Manager.

Jaquez says the doors at Union Station will be replaced in January and no other station restrooms are impacted.

“We completely understand that concern. We just want people to be patient and know we will update the doors soon this is a temporary deterrent for activity that is a lot worse,” Jaquez said.