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DPD moving food trucks out of LoDo to "increase safety"

DPD moving food trucks out of LoDo to "increase safety"
Posted at 9:39 AM, Jul 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-30 11:40:56-04

DENVER — Denver Police are relocating food trucks to try and increase safety in the Lower Downtown area of the city. The department said having the vendors operate in a different location is one of the solutions to clearing crowds quicker after bars close on busy nights.

The Denver Police Department said this decision was not prompted by the recent officer-involved shooting near 20th and Larimer Street where six bystanders were injured after police say a suspect flashed a gun at officers. However, the department said the incident did "renew conversations" about ways to enhance safety in Denver. In a statement, those with the department said conversations about food trucks have been happening for a while.

DPD moving food trucks out of LoDo to "increase safety"

However, two food truck operators in Denver are not pleased with the decision.

“This is my area and all my customers, they know me over there. And they love my food," said Osama Abdol, the owner of Gyro King. “Since we start this business, no food trucks have caused any problem for any reason.”

“We don't know what's going to happen right now. How can we survive? How we can continue paying our bills and insurance?" asked Mohammad Alissa, another food truck operator.

Moving forward, the relocation of food trucks could become a permanent change while the City of Denver works to lessen crowding and help with safety concerns.