Downtown Loop aims to support shared urban route through Denver

Posted at 5:56 AM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 08:57:13-04

DENVER — A plan from the Downtown Denver Partnership is in the works to give people more options of getting around Denver by raising money to fund the creation of the Downtown Loop.

The partnership received $80,000 from the Gates Foundation this week and a $250,000 grant from Colorado Health Foundation recently. Project planners said if done correctly, the loop could cost $100 million in total. The next step is for organizers to head to the capitol to plan out the funding further.

“You can build it out in phases too, you don’t have to build it all at once. I think over five or 10 years this would be a great project that we will see get done," said John Desmond, Executive Vice President of Downtown Environment for the Downtown Denver Partnership.

The goal of the loop is to give neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city connecting points to the heart of Denver. In Colorado fashion, the loop would total at 5.280 miles round trip. Wynkoop is just one of the streets included in the plan. The other streets are outlined below:

The Downtown Denver Partnership said it is planning a demonstration block in mid-June. Organizers said it will be held on 21st Street between Lawrence and Larimer Streets. This will give people the opportunity to see what a piece of the entire loop would look like.

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