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Douglas County School Board candidate facing backlash for 2018 Facebook post

Posted at 7:43 PM, Sep 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-23 21:43:34-04

DENVER — A Douglas county school board candidate is facing backlash for a 2018 Facebook post about teachers carrying guns.

Candidate Kory Nelson is saying it is being misinterpreted.

"When people don't take a look at something said in which the context in which the entire conversation is being held or understand the use of hyperbole in a discussion, I understand they misunderstand my intent or my priorities," Nelson said.

Nelson on his Facebook page shared a Denver Post article on then-Governor John Hickenlooper's opposition to arming teachers.

At the top of the post, Nelson wrote:

"I am so glad the Governor knows whether or not my wife, a school teacher, is either good or not good at having the ability to defend herself (and her students) utilizing her 2nd Amendment rights. God knows that only urban teachers, Democrats who buy into the whole anti-gun dogma, should control those teachers in rural areas who come from a different gun-friendly culture. How about letting each school district, and each teacher, decide for themselves, without broadcasting the message of a "Gun Free Zone." The best solution for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy or gal with a gun who wants to have one and is trained to use it. Let the D teachers wear the safety vests with the label "I don't care to defend myself or my students" with a bullseye."

Nelson said the last two sentences were hyperbole. He's said the point he was driving to drive home was the need for more school resource officers.

Nelson explains he doesn't believe in arming teachers. His wife is a teacher and said he would never expect her to carry a gun.

Nelson's opponent, David Ray, told Denver7 in a statement:

"Mr. Nelson certainly has the right to express his opinions; however, to suggest that teachers would not defend their students is absolutely insulting. It seems he does not know our educators who make great sacrifices to protect students on a daily basis. To also suggest that their political affiliation makes them less likely to do this, is reprehensible. As a life long educator, myself, politics should not be a determinant for doing what's best for children."