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Donald Trump, Jr. event draws protesters, huge crowds at CSU

Police able to keep the peace
Posted at 11:03 PM, Oct 22, 2019

FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- Police were able to keep a clash between protesters and Donald Trump, Jr. supporters non-violent Tuesday night on the Colorado State University campus.

Trump, Jr. was speaking as part of conservative activist Charlie Kirk's "Culture Wars" tour.

Fort Collins police worked to keep the peace as supporters and protesters lined opposite sides of Remington Avenue for several hours Tuesday night.

"They say he's a businessman, but I see nothing but all of his bankruptcies and his end roads to nothing," said one protester of the President who did not want to be identified for this story.

"They're expressing their opinions and they're entitled to that. Just as we are as Americans," said a Trump, Jr. supporter who also did not wished to be identified for our story. "I’m excited to go in and hear what they have to say."

The Trump, Jr. event at the University Center for the Arts drew thousands to a venue that only holds about 800 people.