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Denver's Wolf Rigs disrupts RV market with its Humvee conversion

Wolf Rigs
Posted at 10:22 AM, Jan 12, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-12 23:47:14-05

DENVER — Tough on the outside, plush in the middle.

The Ultimate RV Show that came through the Colorado Convention Center in January featured Denver's newest edition to the camper van market.

Wolf Rigs outfits Humvees into luxury explorers. Founder and CEO Reed Gerdes loves the stylish and tough combination.

"The excitement around this vehicle has just been phenomenal," Gerdes said. "It's been almost surreal."

In Good Company: Wolf Rigs

The military veteran and former contractor has forged those passions into a product for adventurers unsatisfied with the typical RV market offerings.

"I've seen these things go over trees, giant boulders," Gerdes said. "I wanted to go up roads where other overland vehicles couldn't go, or wouldn't go."

The Humvee chassis sits higher off the ground. The framing uses aluminum, not plastic or fiberglass. And a bed-liner paint coating gives it a durable exterior.

The rugged exterior, however, is a stark contrast from the creature comforts inside.

"How do I get there and have a queen-sized bed?" Gerdes said. "How do I get there with my kitchen, my bathroom, my shower that I can take with me?"

Modeled for a traveling companion, it includes finishes like a block countertop, stove, and tile, still with accommodations for even the most hardcore hiking days.

"Say you're outside, and you're just a filthy mess," Gerdes said. "There's an outdoor shower."

And he hopes it's the vehicle to unlock possibilities for years to come.

"I want something that's going to be tough and beautiful, but is going to last," Gerdes said. "You can hand this down to your grandkids. These aren't trailer queens. You can drive them there, get them on the trail, go up to where no one's going to find you, and stay there for a long period of time."

"We know we have something special here because there's nothing else out there like it," he continued.