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Denver's second social marijuana consumption business shuts doors weeks after opening

Vape and Play "temporarily closed and...for sale."
Posted at 12:21 PM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 20:51:06-05

DENVER – Vape and Play, which was Denver’s second business to earn a social use marijuana license and opened just weeks ago, has already closed its doors and put the business up for sale.

“Vape and Play is temporarily closed and is now for sale,” company co-founder Megan Lumpkins said in an email to Denver7 on Monday. “We look forward to Vape and Play opening again to the public soon.”

The business was located at 1753 S. Broadway and aimed to bring marijuana users in for two or three-hour sessions that would be centered around events, such as comedy shows, musical performances or fitness classes, Lumpkins told Denver7 when we previewed the business’ opening in late January.

Vape and Play was the city’s second social consumption café to open. The Coffee Joint has been in operation since May 2018 and sits next to a dispensary so the product sold there can be consumed at the coffee shop.

Though the social consumption ordinance was approved in 2016, Lumpkins says that the red tape surrounding the application has discouraged potential business owners from pursuing such businesses. She said she worked to get the license approved for two years.

“We’ve been tenacious, and when a door shuts, we look for another door or we climb in the window,” Lumpkins told Denver7 in January. “You’ve got to work with legislators and regulators and local law enforcement.”

The city of Denver said that since 2016, there have been only five applicants for social use licenses -- including those of The Coffee Joint and Vape and Play. One of those applications is still pending, the city said.

Lumpkins co-founded the business with her son, Taylor Rosean, who previously worked in the marijuana industry.

Vape and Play allowed customers to use vaporizers to consume their product, though customers have to bring their own buds.

The Denver Post reported that Lumpkins and Rosean had invested approximately $500,000 into the business, and obtained an email to the city that said, “If you know of any interested parties and reached out to them that would be very appreciated.”

The city told Denver7 Monday that if Vape and Play is sold, the social use license won't go with the business and the new owner will have to apply for a license again. However, the city said that since the location had previously been approved that it would have a good chance of being approved once again.

Denver7's Jason Gruenauer contributed to this report.