Denver7's Sally Mamdooh joins CO TF-1 as team aids in hurricane relief efforts

Posted at 10:44 AM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 14:34:28-04

DENVER — The Colorado Task Force One Urban Search and Rescue Team is now being diverted to Florida after spending a week in Texas cities devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Denver7's Sally Mamdooh was the only reporter who traveled with the crew as they helped in relief efforts in Texas.

The crew told Mamdooh they left Wednesday morning from Texas and now have doubled in size: About 80 men are now heading to Georgia where they will stage at a U.S. Marine base to prepare for relief efforts in Florida.

The crew is self-sufficient and have everything they need to operate on their own for a couple of days.

In Texas, the crew did not really perform any search and rescue missions, bt were focused more so in humanitarian efforts that involved helping evacuees get on military planes to Dallas to get to permanent shelters.

GALLERY: Colorado rescue crews help victims of Hurricane Harvey

They were stationed in the Jack Brooks Regional Airport in Beaumont, Texas.

Check out the videos documenting their journey below: 

Colorado rescue crews getting back to Colorado from Texas


Colorado Task Force helps Harvey victims evacuate


Colorado Task Force One crews help in Hurricane Harvey


Colorado Task Force One staging in Bryan Texas


Colorado Task Force One heading to Florida for Hurricane Harvey