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Denver school bars backpacks, won't allow student access to phones or lockers during strike

Unclear if policy is in place after post is erased
Posted at 5:11 PM, Feb 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-10 20:59:45-05

DENVER – In a since-deleted Facebook post meant for parents and teachers at the school ahead of Monday’s teacher strike, Denver Discovery School officials said that students would not have access to their lockers and said their cell phones would be confiscated for the duration of the school day.

“Please do not bring backpacks, binders, or anything of value. Students will not have access to lockers,” the note said. “Cell phones will be collected at beginning of the day so that students do not have to worry about loosing [sic] them. Phones will be returned at the end of the day.”

Denver Public Schools spokeswoman Anna Alejo told Denver7 the district does not have a position on cell phone policies as the decision to ban cell phones is left up to each school to decide.

It's unclear at this time if Denver Discovery School has backed off of its decision to bar cell phones and allow students to have access to their lockers.

Parents whose students would not be attending Monday were asked to call the school’s attendance line at 720-424-4791.

The district has said schools will be operating normally Monday and that regular attendance rules will be in place. Final negotiations before Monday’s strike failed Saturday when the union's representatives walked out after the district’s latest offer.


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