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Denver ranked worst city in country for porch thefts: What to know to keep your packages safe

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Posted at 10:43 AM, Nov 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-29 11:04:03-05

DENVER — The Mile High City has been ranked the worst city in the nation when it comes to package theft, and as the holiday season ramps up, porch pirates will likely ramp up in kind.

In the shadows of the night or broad daylight, it doesn't seem to matter for porch thieves in the Denver metro area.

Michelle Rittgers had her package stolen from her in front of her home in Littleton.

"At first I felt violated that somebody would just do that," said Rittgers.

Her Ring video shows the thief taking a glance at the box, and then keeps walking. But he returned missing his shirt but gaining the fortitude to take something that’s not his.

"It’s one of the situations where you know you’re never going to get your property back and unfortunately, this kid just thinks he’s so entitled he can take whatever he wants," said Rittgers.

It's part of a growing national trend. A study from SafeWise said there’s no worse place in the country this year to have your package stolen than Denver. It’s happening all over the metro and it’s not just packages that thieves are targeting. Just last weekend, Laura Kishiyama had two decorative trees taken while the family was home.

"I was mad. I’ve had them out for 15 years," said Kishiyama.

Both women had doorbell videos, which is one recommendation the Aurora Police Department gives to keep your porch property safe. They also suggest requesting a signature of your package, getting an exact time the package is arriving, having it delivered to work or even a neighbors house if you know they will be home.

It is something Rittgers recently did after getting her package stolen. She’s also taking a step further.

"I installed a new app for my garage door opener which is called MyQ," said Rittgers. "Amazon can open your garage, drop off your package and then close your garage again."