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Denver police seeks van in connection with possible abduction of woman seen screaming for help

Posted at 1:24 PM, May 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-31 09:53:33-04

DENVER — The Denver Police Department is seeking information in connection with the possible abduction of a woman in Denver Sunday morning.

Witnesses told police they heard a woman scream and saw her being pulled into white Dodge minivan, with darkly tinted windows.

"We heard a scream, but weren't sure if someone was in danger," said one neighbor, who asked for anonymity.

He said they were enjoying a quiet Sunday morning when they were alerted to a suspicious van, when a dog started making noise.

"My fiancee thought maybe her friend was there, so she looked outside and saw a woman getting dragged into a white minivan," he said. "It all happened really fast. We didn't get to see anything leading up to the incident, or anything except for this woman getting pulled into a van against her will."

Denver police tweeted this alert, with a photo of the van driving past a halo camera at W. 10th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard.

DPD tweet

Neighbors say they want to know whether it was a random incident, or if the woman knew the person, or people, in the van.

"You would hope it's not just a random abduction, because that makes everyday life scarier," the man who called police said.

He added that another neighbor was banging against the window, trying to get them to open up, "but the windows on the van were so tinted you couldn't see inside."

He said the van had California license plates: AV5-2012.

"It makes you feel very vulnerable. It makes you want to be a little more cautious when you're just out doing everyday life things," he said.

If you spot the van, or know its whereabouts, contact Denver police at 720-913-2000 or call 911.