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Denver police officer fired for falsely accusing woman of rape

Posted at 8:11 PM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 22:11:52-04

DENVER -- A Denver police officer was fired for falsely accusing the mother of his child of raping him in an attempt to avoid paying child support.

Courtesy Denver Police DepartmentDenver Police Officer Samuel SheppardThe city fired Officer Samuel Sheppard on Sept. 16 for the false report and for lying during the internal investigation, according to a Sept. 16 disciplinary letter obtained through a records request by The Denver Post.

Sheppard on April 1, 2018, reported the woman raped him and that the sexual assault led to the conception of the pair’s child. Sheppard said the woman entered his home when he was incapacitated and using prescribed medication while on leave from the police department. She then raped him and the assault lead to the child’s conception, Sheppard said. The child was born in October 2017.

But an investigation into Sheppard’s claims found that he lied about when the child was conceived and that he drove to pick the woman up on the night in question, the letter shows.

“The evidence presented is that Officer Sheppard made an unfounded sexual assault claim against the complainant seemingly to avoid or limit his financial obligations,” Deputy Director of Safety Mary Dulacki wrote in the letter.

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