Police investigate threats against officers

Posted at 10:43 AM, Dec 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-23 12:56:06-05

Denver Police are looking into threats reportedly made against Aurora Police after a deadly officer-involved shooting Monday night.

Aurora Police shot a man at the 7-Eleven at 1103 Yosemite Street on Monday. Police said they shot the man because he was repeatedly ramming the front of the store and a patrol car with a stolen car.

Tuesday night, police got reports that three men showed up at the 7-Eleven store and claimed to be family members of the man officers shot.

The men reportedly made verbal threats against police officers and "displayed threatening behavior," according to investigators.

Doug Schepman, with the Denver Police Department, said officials aired a bulletin warning officers to be vigilant.

Police are still investigating and have not confirmed whether the men involved are related to the man who was shot and killed.

Aurora Police said officers had tried to stop the stolen Jeep several times in the past week.

Each time, the driver appeared to be baiting officers into a pursuit by slowing down to allow officers to catch up, and speeding away again, police said.

"In one instance the driver reportedly waved his hands out of the window signaling for the officers to catch up with him," police stated.

When officers saw the Jeep parked in a space facing the 7-Eleven, an officer parked a patrol car behind it to prevent the driver from leaving.

At this time, the driver began to intentionally ram the Aurora Police patrol car, and the 7-11 building in an effort to get out from the pinned position.

There were approximately six people inside the store at the time, police said, and there was a propane tank cage against the storefront. Additionally, there were two people - including a child - in a vehicle next to the Jeep.

"All of these factors created a significant danger to the lives of the employees, patrons, and the involved officers," the Aurora Police Department said in a statement.