Denver police detective resigned after caught at work high on prescription meds he got from niece

Posted at 3:12 PM, Dec 14, 2016

DENVER – A longtime Denver Police Department detective resigned in late November following an internal affairs investigation that started in May when he came to a meeting under the influence of prescription narcotics.

Det. Daniel Wiley resigned from the department on Nov. 23, according to records obtained from DPD by Denver7.

A copy of the internal affairs investigation provided to Denver7 says several officers attending a May 23 Fugitive Task Force meeting noticed Wiley’s “speech was slow and slurred” and that he appeared “barely coherent.”

Denver Police Department rules require any officers who believe another officer is working under the influence of drugs or alcohol to report to their supervisor. Likewise, any officers taking prescription drugs are required to tell their superiors.

Two officers took Wiley to the Occupation Health Medical Clinic, where a urine test came up positive for opiates, according to the investigation.

Once back at the station, Wiley was accompanied to his patrol car to retrieve his belongings since he was to be suspended from driving.

While getting things out of the vehicle, he pulled out an Advil bottle that the accompanying officer asked to look at. Inside, the officer found “at least four” different types of pills. Some of them were later identified as Hydrocodone, Percocet and Xanax.

Wiley admitted to investigators he had taken Xanax the night before and when he arrived to work that day, but said “he does not consider himself addicted,” according to the internal affairs report. He admitted to also taking Percocet that day.

He eventually told investigators he had gotten the pills illegally from his niece, and pointed to a bicep injury from the year before – for which he was originally prescribed painkillers but said he continued to suffer pain from -- and a recent divorce as reasons for getting the pills.

“I had a very tough time functioning and I just wanted to make it through the day,” Wiley told investigators, according to the report.

Wiley resigned prior to any disciplinary action. Some portions of the internal affairs summary provided to Denver7 was heavily redacted.

No charges related to that instance of drug possession have been brought forth so far.


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