Denver patrons must ask for single-use utensils, condiments under new ordinance

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Posted at 4:24 PM, Jan 24, 2022

DENVER — A new Denver ordinance is changing takeout procedures for restaurants and delivery services.

The ordinance, known as #SkipTheStuff, requires all restaurants and third-party delivery services to provide single-use items only upon customer request. This includes items like utensils or condiments.

City leaders say the change will reduce waste and is similar to laws in other areas with opt-in requirements for single-use service ware.

“This is a simple and effective way to reduce our collective waste,” said Grace Rink, Denver’s chief climate officer. “Businesses can save money on single-use items by only providing what is requested, and customers will no longer need to landfill items when they use their own silverware, spices or condiments at home.”

The ordinance took effect at the beginning of the year. Food service establishments are also required to post signage about #SkipTheStuff.