Parking attendant writing tickets; breaks law

Posted at 7:47 PM, Sep 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-09 21:47:11-04

Even more frustrating than getting a pricey Denver parking ticket is seeing a parking attendant breaking the laws themselves.

In a video posted on the 7NEWS Facebook page, you can clearly see a parking attendant blasting through a red light at 15th and Arapahoe on a Segway. 7NEWS showed the video to a couple of people who have been ticketed a time or two for parking violations and they were not amused.

“They should hold a higher standard of themselves at being city workers or city employees or whoever they may be if they're going to be handing out fines all the time," said Nicholas Mantuano, who lives in Denver.

Patrick Albanesius has a friend in town visiting from Los Angeles. He told 7NEWS that he has had his share of run-ins with parking attendants and the video makes him very frustrated.

“He was driving right by a construction site too, so I'm sure there's like a little more danger involved or whatever, but you know he shouldn't be doing that especially since he's supposed to be enforcing the law," he said.

We took the video to the City of Denver and they were not pleased either. Heather Burke, the Denver Public Works Spokesperson, said the employee will be talked to and sent back for training.

"Obviously that clearly does not meet our expectations for riding the Segway's, our agents need to obey the traffic laws just like everyone else," said Burke.