Denver non-profit Metro Caring using donated goose meat to feed those in need

Posted at 1:11 PM, Jul 19, 2019

DENVER — A non-profit in downtown Denver is preparing meals for people in need using goose meat donated by the City of Denver.

For weeks, Denver7 has reported on the city’s controversial program to decrease the goose population in local parks.

But Metro Caring said the geese have been a blessing.

“We’ve got a fantastic source of protein out there and why not use it?” said Metro Caring Nutritionist and Chef Robert Russell.

For several days, Russell has been cooking different dishes for Metro Caring’s clients using the donated ground goose meat.

“A breakfast casserole; it has a meat base. On top, I have put a sweet potato pancake mix,” Russell said.

“It has been humanely gathered, it has been tested by the USDA. It is perfect, there is no fat whatsoever,” he said.

Metro Caring runs a fresh food market and is offering the ground goose meat to clients looking for a protein options.

But some clients were a little apprehensive to try the meat after finding out where it came from.

“That is a little bit uh…throws a little wrench in there; a small one, not a big one,” said Metro Caring client Bruce Peterson.

“They’re still a wild bird and it’s still good eating. It’s food,” Peterson said.

Peterson said for those in need, the goose meat is a welcome source of protein.