Denver man desperately trying to help get his mom, wife and brother out of Kabul

Brother was contracted by the U.S. government
Posted at 3:50 PM, Aug 27, 2021

DENVER — As thousands try to get out of Afghanistan, at least one man would like nothing more than to go in.

“They fear for their lives,” said Noor, who asked us not to use his last name or show his face. “If there’s any way, I’m going to go. I’m not more important than my mom or my wife, you know?”

Noor is desperate to get his family out from under the cruel hands of the Taliban.

“The river of blood is in Kabul right now,” Noor said. “And they’re going to kill us.”

Noor’s mother and his wife, along with his brother, Abdul Shokoor, his wife and 5-year-old daughter, have all tried for days to flee Afghanistan.

“He went to the airport several times with his wife and his daughter,” Noor said. “The first time, they stayed almost 24 hours. He handed all his documents to the U.S. Marines, and they told him it’s not complete and, 'You have to go back home.'”

In Noor’s opinion, the U.S. occupation of Afghanistan wasn’t perfect, but it was working.

“We had hope for the future,” Noor said. “I was trying to get my master’s degree here and then go back home to go help with the education system and human rights.”

Shokoor was contracted by the U.S. government, serving as a civil engineer for the U.S. in Afghanistan before the Taliban gained control of Kabul.

Noor fears his brother is a prime target for the Taliban.

“They’re searching house to house,” Noor said. “If they know you worked with the U.S. government as a contractor or the Afghan government, they show you who you are.”

Noor has contacted the offices of Rep. Jason Crow, Rep. Dianna DeGette and Gov. Jared Polis but to no avail.

“I reached out to our governor. I sent him an e-mail and I never got a response from him back,” Noor said.

It's desperation as the violence in Kabul escalates and the Aug. 31 deadline to get out approaches.

“It’s our president’s fault,” Noor said. “It’s Joe Biden’s fault. Civilian people are dying every day, every hour. Especially the kids and women. How can we just let that happen?”