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Denver man asking for RV donations to help Cameron Peak Fire victims

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Posted at 12:10 AM, Oct 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-22 02:10:08-04

LOVELAND, Colo. — Seth Knight is living in his Loveland welding shop since the Cameron Peak Fire destroyed his home on Crystal Mountain.

After his time in the military ended ten years ago, Knight moved to Crystal Mountain. With his own hands, he built his cabin from the ground up.

"It wasn’t much but it was paid for, it was my little slice of the woods," Knight said of his home.

As the Cameron Peak fire got closer, Knight packed up what he could, including some tools, but mostly items money can't buy.

"I was thankful I got a lot of my family heirlooms out. A lot of pictures, some books of the family, old firearms, my father service models," Knight said of what he could salvage.

When the fire had passed, one of Knights' neighbors took video of what his small mountain community looked like. Most of it is now ash.

Woody Faircloth is the founder of, a nonprofit started nearly two years to give RV's to those affected by the California wildfires. Now, the fires are hitting closer to home.

"This one’s quite personal. It’s right in our backyard. These are our neighbors, this could be anyone in Colorado," Faircloth said of the Cameron Peak Fire victims.

He says ten families who lost their homes in the fire have reached out for help. As word spread of Faircloth's nonprofit, he said Knight's name kept coming up.

"I talked to a number of members of his community and they all tell me, 'Please contact Seth. Please help Seth. He’s that kind of guy who wants to help everyone in the neighborhood,'" Faircloth said of Knight.

"I’m really thankful for those thoughts and love," Knight said.

Knight plans to rebuild as soon as he is allowed back up. He estimates it will take about two years to get back what he's lost. In the meantime -- he plans to build himself a short-term shelter

"I’ll build a masonry block structure about 10 x 12 with a sleeping loft," Knight said.

That's why Faircloth is asking for our help in getting Knight and others a place to stay until life gets back to normal.

"Surely we can find an RV for these folks. They’ve lost everything they’ve owned. They don’t have anywhere to stay and they want to rebuild up there.

Faircloth is looking for RV donations to give to the Cameron Peak Fire victims. If you'd like to help or are in need of help click here.