Denver makes list of North American cities with high number of fatal auto-pedestrian crashes

Arcadis released results Sunday morning
Posted at 2:37 PM, Oct 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-29 19:34:27-04

DENVER – Too many people are hit and killed by cars in Denver.

According to new research by Aracadis, Denver made the list of top 23 North American cities with major auto-pedestrian problems. The study included vehicle-vs-vehicle fatal crashes and vehicle-vs-pedestrian or bicyclist fatalities.

While the rankings were intended for nothing more than to develop a “peer exchange” among the cities surveyed, the numbers support Denver Mayor Michael Hancock’s goal of zero deaths by 2030.

A goal reflected in his Mobility Action Plan.

“I thought drivers were more careful around here,” Ariel Sanchez said. He moved to Denver from Connecticut three weeks ago.

New numbers confirm that is not the case. Between 23 Canadian and American cities, Denver came in at number 17 for car deaths.

“People like to be outside in Denver. So, maybe it's a testament to our number of pedestrians in our great weather and our great climate,” David Howard said.

He manages ScooTours in downtown Denver—a motor scooter rental service.

“Our experience is that, actually, Denver drivers are aware and very courteous,” Howard added.

Arcadis researchers blamed our car-dominated culture for the mostly North American list of high car deaths.

A company representative told Denver7, “The number of auto-fatalities are fewer in cultures where there is a strong reliance on public transit, such as trains and subways.”

Take a look at the list--

North American ranking for vehicle fatalities:

Washington, DC - #1
Toronto - #2
New York - #3
Tied: Montreal & Vancouver - #4
Boston - #6
Chicago - #7
Los Angeles - #8
Seattle - #9
San Francisco - #10
San Diego - #11
Baltimore - #12
Philadelphia - #13
Pittsburgh - #14
Atlanta - #15
Detroit - #16
Denver - #17
Indianapolis - #18
Dallas - #19
Houston - #20
New Orleans - #21
Miami - #22
Tampa - #23

A high ranking, like #1, means the city has a lower rate of fatalities

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation statistics, 54 crashes have turned deadly in the city of Denver, since January.

CDOT’s website reported those crashes have killed the same number of people.

Howard added, “Watch out for people. Assume everybody else is drunk or stoned.”

The mobility study showed Denver did much better when it came to ranking transit systems.

Arcadis put Denver at 19 out of 23 North American cities with efficient, expansive, and heavily used transportation options.

We reached out to RTD, because the district’s light rail system was specifically mentioned in the study.

We will update this story when they respond.