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Denver International Airport conspiracy theories inspire popular audio drama

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Posted at 12:56 PM, Jan 09, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-09 20:43:09-05

DENVER — Since construction on the Denver International Airport began in 1989, the airport has become a source of conspiracy theories ranging from a secret government base being housed there to aliens using it as a cover to take over the world.

These theories attracted Canadian producers Brady Roberts and Mike Howorun, who love tracking down things that can’t be explained. They have been friends for years and now host a conspiracy podcast titled "Escaping Denver."

They duo used the airport as the basis for the science fiction show, which features two main characters, Noah and Sarah. Trapped in subterranean cells beneath Denver's airport, their only hope is the messages they send to the surface, and the hope someone will hear them.

Denver International Airport conspiracy theories inspire popular audio drama

Roberts and Howorun said the story was just as fun to craft as dealing with the mysteries of the airport.

Denver's airport does indeed have tunnels that run for miles underground. And it's not afraid to feed into them and have some fun.

Stephanie Figueroa, the airport's public information officer, has heard the theories for years. She said around 2008, former President Barack Obama flew to the airport at the same time a meteor was passing over the Earth, leading people to believe he was headed to the airport to hide in a bunker.

When you do enter the tunnels however, you’ll see workers driving trucks, moving baggage, and performing general maintenance.

Tunnels under DIA

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Dive into the popular conspiracies at DIA

Stephanie Butzer
1:51 PM, Feb 27, 2020

While on the surface there’s nothing going on, Figueroa said the airport loves to feed into the theories, as it sets them apart from other airports nationwide and helps them connect with their passengers better.

Roberts and Howorun said they have no plans to slow their podcast down, as they prepare for a new season, and a possible TV show.

"Escaping Denver" is available wherever you stream podcasts.

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