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Denver golf bag designer Sassy Caddy adds style to tee time

Posted at 10:21 AM, Sep 30, 2019
and last updated 2021-01-05 17:26:51-05

DENVER — Colorado temperatures are just right for another round of golf before cold weather arrives, and a Denver-based company wants women to stand out while teeing it up.

Sassy Caddy is adding colorful style to traditional sports and leisure bags.

Founder Emily Haythorn grew up on golf. She played in college and spent 10 years coaching.

“A lot of my students were beginner golfers,” Haythorn said. “And so they would come in and be excited to get new shoes, new clothes, new bags. And when we got to the golf bags, they were always disappointed.”

Wanting to help women play the sport— and look the part — she took a swing at fashion.

She started Sassy Caddy to replace the standard golf bag with more of a statement.

“I decided to start designing a golf bag made for women, by women,” Haythorn said. “[So I] came up with florals and paisleys and polka dots and bright colors.”

She sells her merchandise to golf shops and resorts around the country and directly to consumers online at

One of her former golf students now designs her catalogs.

“[The] last photo shoot we did for the 2020 catalog really showcased all of the color that is popping through her bags,” said photographer Chianne Coffman. “And we had a really fun shoot.”

Haythorn has expanded the Sassy Caddy line to suit a variety of clubhouse needs, including tennis bags, backpacks, lunch coolers and detachable purses.

“We created this purse, so now you can just take this off the golf bag and go into the clubhouse, have lunch,” Haythorn said. “And then when you're ready to go, come back out and you're ready for your next round.”

Many customers are ready for the latest round of popular prints.

Haythorn said that after 10 years in business, some women are on their third bags.

“Usually, once a bag is sold out, we might bring it back one more year, but then after that, it's sold out,” Haythorn said. “So then, women who have that particular design, it's special and unique just to them.”

Sassy Caddy also offers designer clear totes for concerts and sporting events to fit new security size requirements.