Denver council asks questions about sale of Park Hill Golf Course

Deal is still awaiting a final vote
Posted at 9:41 PM, Oct 03, 2017

DENVER -- City council members had a lot of questions Tuesday evening about a contract that is being called complicated and confusing. The council is in the process of reviewing an agreement to buy Park Hill Golf Course from the Clayton Early Learning Trust.

The deal announced last month, could amount to $20.5 million over the next 30 years. Denver would put up an initial downpayment of $10 million, then pay $350,000 each year through the duration of the contract.

During the committee meeting, the city officials stated $10 million would be money that was given to the city from CDOT. There will be stormwater retention on part of the land as part of the Platte to Park Hill drainage project.

Much of the questioning centered around what would happen to the land. It has been used as a golf course since the 1930s. According to administration officials, some of the land could be used for development but it's unclear how much. They promise what is being called a "visioning process" to determine the best possible uses.

"So you heard from a lot of my colleagues and from me that we need to have a better vision in the community as to what we think this can be before we unlock the box and let everything out of the box," said Councilman Kevin Flynn.

A longtime resident who attended the meeting says the city shouldn't put a value on open space and hopes some of the land will be left out of the hands of developers.

"There’s incredible pressure on this city administration, which a lot of citizens feel is way too willing to overlook the needs of the neighborhoods and the demands of the neighborhoods in favor of frankly real estate development," said Woody Garnsey, who lives 10 blocks from the golf course.