Denver City Council to discuss long-range plans to redevelop area surrounding Elitch Gardens

Posted at 7:29 AM, Jun 11, 2018

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DENVER -- The Denver City Council will discuss plans Monday night to dramatically change the Denver city skyline.

Revesco Properties, which owns Elitch Gardens and the surrounding land around it, wants to reimagine the area to include more housing options, hotels and outdoor spaces.

However, the changes will mean that the amusement park would need to be relocated eventually.

The owners want to call the area the River Mile. The plan would include the construction of at least a dozen new buildings, including one that would be the tallest in Denver. It would be a 59-story hotel.

The plan would also include three riverfront parks, affordable housing options, more pedestrian bridges and bike lanes and flood control improvements to the area.

Before any of that can happen, though, the city council needs to amend its Downtown Area Plan to accommodate the development project. The council will need to discuss the intensity of the development, the environmental impact, community benefits, sustainability, public investment opportunities and more.

There have already been several community meetings to get the public’s feedback on the plan.

If approved, the development would happen over the next 25 years and would begin in the parking area of the current Elitch Gardens. Revesco Properties did not say where it would like to relocate the amusement park.