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Denver City Council bans concealed carry guns from parks, city buildings

Posted at 7:11 PM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-17 13:44:37-04

DENVER — Denver City Council passed a ban on concealed carry guns in city-owned or leased buildings and parks. The ordinance passed in a 9-3 vote Monday night.

This ordinance applies to all city parks, including mountain parks and facilities and is a non-criminal violation. Fines of up $999 are possible.

The city will not enforce the ordinance until signage is posted at the public entrances of buildings and parks, notifying the public that the carrying of firearms is prohibited.

“We believe residents and visitors of Denver have an expectation that when visiting a Denver park with friends, family, and children anywhere in our system, that each park is a gun-free zone. The same is true for city buildings,” said City Attorney Kristin Bronson in a press release. “This bill is not intended to assess the character of concealed carry permit holders. It is commonsense legislation designed to increase the level of safety in city facilities by reducing the number of firearms present at any given time. Look, accidents happen, and accidents involving guns can have disastrous and tragic results.”

The city had previously banned concealed carry in certain buildings or areas, but a state law restricted some areas from the ban. A bill passed last year at the state Capitol allowed local governments to reissue such bans.

The following people are exempt from the concealed carry ban:

  • Law enforcement officers and military personnel.
  • Security guards with a valid Denver license containing a firearm endorsement.
  • Persons carrying the firearm for use in a legitimate sporting activity, such as events during the National Western Stock Show within National Western Center buildings.
  • Persons with valid authorization while at DPD and DSD shooting ranges.
  • Persons carrying a firearm while traveling within a private automobile or other private means of conveyance for the purposes of hunting or lawful protection of the person or their property, or another person or that person’s property (weapons other than pistols or revolvers must be unloaded during the transport).