Fan's dying wish is to meet Manning

Posted at 8:16 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 22:16:25-05

A Colorado Springs woman's final wish is to meet Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning so her family and friends are doing what they can to make it happen.

Cindy Harris was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. She underwent chemotherapy but found out recently, the cancer had spread. Doctors gave her one month to live. Her family and friends are trying to make her dying wish to meet Manning come true.

Harris' daughter Bri and family friend Beck Harris posted her wish on Facebook hoping that if it gets shared enough, Manning will take notice.

"It would mean the world to me that we could at least try and get this to go," said Bri Harris.

"She never wants people to feel bad for her, she never asks for anything, she never asks for anything for herself so I think she really deserves it," said Becky Smith.

Cindy Harris was unaware of the group's plan until Tuesday night. She was overcome with emotion when NewsChannel 13 showed up for an interview.

"Very surprised. Shocked actually. And I am very proud of those two," said Cindy Harris.

Her friend Roxann Smith joked she and Cindy have loved the Broncos forever and Peyton Manning since he joined the team.

"We cheer and scream all the time, something not good screaming," said Roxann Smith.

Smith said it's been devastating to see Cindy's time on Earth cut so short.

"When she said that she had this (diagnosis), I didn't think it would happen this quickly. It's a hard thing to see her and her family go through this," said Roxann Smith.

Cindy Harris' family and friends looked through photo albums Tuesday night. Harris said meeting Manning would be a wonderful memory to make with her family and include in these albums. She said it would also remind them.  Life will go on.

"It would just be a really nice thing to do before you die," said Cindy Harris. "You know, life does go on and that it just doesn't stop."

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