Denver-based companies offer alternatives to regular cable TV

Posted at 10:13 PM, Jun 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-27 01:07:35-04

DENVER - In the ever-changing -- and often expensive -- world of television, two Colorado companies are now joining the fray for your viewership dollars. 

Layer3 TV is banking on quality and quantity of channels while taking a different approach to billing, while Free TVEE is a cord cutter's dream. 

Layer3: 'The Un-Cable.'

The big cable providers now have a new form of competition in Denver-based Layer3 TV.

"The idea is to give customers what they're asking for. No hidden fees, no contracts," CEO Jeff Binder said, calling his company the "un-cable."

The company focuses on quality, like all-HD channels and 4k content, as well as quantity, such as unlimited DVR and a massive on-demand video library. They also pride themselves on having one cost for a bundle with no hidden fees. 

The service is already available in several major cities along with Longmont, their test-bed before coming to Denver.

"When you're sweating this summer, you'll be able to walk into a store in one of the malls, call up, or go online and get Layer3 here in Denver," Binder said. 

Professional cord-cutting

If you want out of the cable market altogether but don't know exactly how to cut the cord, there's also a solution out there. Startup Free TVEE is the brainchild of Brian Cavanaugh.

"Take whatever you’re paying now, $250, $150 a month, and imagine it being down to $20 to $60 a month," he said. 

Free TVEE provides the hardware, installation, and setup for things like a rooftop antenna, Roku, SlingTV, and more. 

"The average customer saves $130 every single month," he said. 

There are some upfront costs with cutting the cord, including buying the equipment, but that investment is paid off in a few months, according to Cavanaugh. The other main issue is video buffering, which may be better or worse depending on your internet speed.

Denver7 caught up with the Nagy family to talk about their paid TV experiences. They had a DirecTV bill of $188 per month. They cut the cord (with help) and now pay $45 per month.