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Denver, Aurora share plans to improve intersection known for crashes

Denver, Aurora share plans to improve intersection known for crashes
Posted at 9:19 PM, Nov 09, 2021

DENVER — After a resident captured video of collisions at an intersection outside his home, city officials from both Denver and Aurora have planned safety improvements.

A spokesperson for the Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure confirmed it met with Aurora's Transportation manager on Friday following Denver7's story about the safety concerns at Yosemite Street and East 16th Avenue.

"The crashes we saw were alarming," the spokesperson said.

Both departments, who share jurisdiction of the intersection, plan to install additional advisory signs on either side of the intersection as well as pavement markers to provide more awareness to drivers of the stop sign at the intersection.

"Additionally, both departments will work together to collect data and evaluate if any other permanent modifications are needed at that intersection. As with all our safety mitigations, we continue to monitor those areas to ensure whatever changes we made are, in fact, making a difference," the spokesperson said.

Shihan Qu, the man who captured over a dozen crashes and "close calls" at the intersection, told Denver7 last Thursday it was a "chaotic hazard that's not fully thought out."

"If you're paying attention, you're OK, but I think the street design has to accommodate for people who aren't fully paying attention to the system," Qu said at the time.