Denver Air Force veteran couple confronts moving company a second time about missing pods

Posted at 5:59 PM, Aug 10, 2017

DENVER – Two Air Force veterans are still trying to get their valuables from a moving company after weeks of complications.

Mary and John Gonzalez came to Denver7 for help after only getting six out of their eight moving pods with a company called Special Ops Moving.

Denver7 confronted the company a week ago, and the owner promised to have the Gonzalez’s valuables delivered in two days.

A week later, the company still hasn’t come through.

“There are a couple of boxes of my children’s photographs from when they were small,” Mary Gonzalez said. “All the other stuff missing can be replaced, but those can’t.”

Denver7 then went back to the moving company to confront the problem.

When a Denver7 crew went to the company’s warehouse, the owner arrived to give his explanation.

“I’ve been here personally for four days,” Mike Gayton, the owner of Special Ops Moving told Denver7. “Every time I find a box, I take a picture of it and send it to Mary.”

Denver7 then asked, what the whole problem was.

“Do you want to come inside?” Gayton asked.

Denver7 then went inside to see what Gayton and his warehouse crews were working with. Gayton said the warehouse was a mess when his forklift broke down weeks ago before the company was able to deliver the Gonzalez’s valuables.

Now, the warehouse is more organized with empty pods on one side of the building, and pods being used on the other.

“We are working on everything,” Gayton said. “We are re-organizing, and we are trying to find their pods. I dropped the ball, but we are working hard to fix this. It’s hard to believe these pods just got up and walked away. They will have an answer by the end of the day if their pods are here.”

After speaking with Denver7, Gayton allowed the couple to go into the warehouse and see for themselves.

“If I can’t provide the things I said I would provide for you, then the insurance will take care of it,” Gayton told the Gonzalez’. “If you have full value replacement then you’ll get full value replacement.”

The Gonzalez’ showed Denver7 the contract where it states they have full value replacement.

Both parties shook hands and are in an understanding of the situation.

The Gonzalez’ and Gayton both agreed that the most important lesson in this situation is to always have insurance.