Decoding Colorado bumper stickers for when you're stuck in traffic

Posted at 5:56 PM, Mar 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-15 19:56:02-04

DENVER – Reading bumper stickers is a fun way to past the time when you’re stuck in traffic. If you live in Denver, you have probably came across a few that have made you scratch your head.

Here are some common bumper stickers seen in Colorado and what they might mean:

The Never Summer sticker
This seems to be popping up more and more. The tribal-like design makes it look like it would be better worn as a tattoo and not plastered across an unwashed window. But what does this ubiquitous sticker mean? It’s the logo for the Never Summer snowboard company. The company’s eagle logo has the Colorado flag super imposed over it.

The “No Vacancy” sticker
This bumper sticker speaks to many who might feel the state is getting too crowded. This satirical sticker is becoming more visible as the population of the state continues to balloon. Despite what the sticker says, there’s still plenty of room!

Another ubiquitous sticker seen around the Denver area. The creator of this bumper sticker is hoping to encourage tolerance of different religions and ideas. The letters use different religious symbols to spell out the word “Coexist.” According to, here are what the letters mean: (NOTE: There are several variations of this sign, and they may differ with what we post.) 

C – This is a crescent moon that represents Islam
O – This is the peace symbol or pagan/Wiccan pentacle.
E – It is the male/female symbol or a scientific equation.
X – This is the Star of David and represents Judaism.
I – It is a pagan/Wiccan symbol in many, but also shows the yin-yang symbol below. 
S – This is a Chinese yin-yang symbol, which has importance in Taoism.
T – The cross is used to represent Christianity.

Go Higher
you can’t seem to go a block in Denver without coming across a marijuana-related bumper sticker. One variation shows the Rocky Mountains with the words “Go Higher!” printed across it. This cheeky-worded sticker appears to speak to both our high altitude (we’re pretty high) and the availability of legal marijuana in the state (we’re not that kind of high).

Another one you may have seen simply says, “YOU GOT HIGH NOW GO HOME.” This sticker appears to be urging marijuana tourists to puff, puff and get out.

The Thin Blue Line
This sticker is meant to show support for law enforcement. The symbol started in England but is now common in this country.


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