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Cyclist hospitalized after crash, co-workers hope to help 'phenomenal person'

Cyclist hospitalized after crash, co-workers hope to help the "phenomenal person"
Posted at 4:23 PM, Jul 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-19 17:25:12-04

DENVER — On Saturday, a woman was riding her bicycle to work when she was hit by a car. Now, Dana Fells is recovering in the hospital because of severe injuries, and her co-workers are doing everything they can to help.

Juliette Cortez is a flexologist at StretchLab Lohi, meaning she works with clients individually through assisted stretching.

“Help people bring more mobility, flexibility, and help them activate their muscles more properly so that they are more aware of their bodies and more aware of how to move properly without hurting themselves," said Cortez, describing her job.

Cortez said Fells is also a flexologist.

“She's a sweetheart to be around ... No matter how you're feeling throughout the day, like, if you're feeling bummed out or anything, she's always got something really sweet and kind to say to you," Cortez said about Fells. “She's a wonderful flexologist and a wonderful person.”

The business development representative and community events lead for StretchLab Lohi, Chase Julian, said it was highly unusual when Fells did not show up for work on Saturday.

“We were really nervous. We were really concerned. Her client was here. I was calling her, I was texting her, and it's very unlike her. Dana's usually the very first person in when she's in the studio," Julian said.

Cyclist hospitalized after crash, co-workers hope to help 'phenomenal person'

Julian is the one who got the initial phone call and was informed Fells was hit by a car while riding her bicycle to work that morning.

"She has broken her leg in multiple areas. Her spleen did have to be removed. Her liver did have to be repaired after suffering internal bleeding. Her ribs are broken, I don't know how many. And she does have facial fractures," Julian said, describing some of Fell's injuries. “It wasn't some small hit. It was a very, very powerful impact.”

Denver police are investigating the incident, which happened at 41st and Irving. Police said the driver of the car, identified by Denver police as Imelda Gonzalez, 47, stopped when Fells was struck.

Police said the driver was traveling northbound on Irving and allegedly disregarded the stop sign at W 41st Avenue and struck the bicyclist. According to Denver police, Gonzalez was cited for careless driving resulting in injury, serious bodily injury to a vulnerable road user, driving without a valid license and driving under restraint.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help Fells. The fundraiser said she is still hospitalized as of Sunday, and is expected to miss anywhere from three to six months of work.

Julian said Fells is a person who deserves the support.

“Dana's a phenomenal person. And I mean that, from the bottom of my heart, there is no other person who is so committed to positivity than her," Julian said. “Anyone can just immediately pick up this is a really, really, really good person who deserves everything that she has and everything that she's worked for."

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