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Cuts to DMV services to offset cost of immigrant surge begins Monday in Denver

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Posted at 11:19 AM, Mar 03, 2024
and last updated 2024-03-07 10:37:19-05

DENVER — You will start to notice some changes at your Denver Motor Vehicle location as cuts to services to offset migrant costs go into effect Monday.

Mayor Mike Johnston is blaming the cuts on Congress for failing to reach a consensus on an immigration bill that would have helped cities like Denver deal with the migrant crisis.

Denver has already reduced hours at the 30 recreation centers across the city as part of the budget cuts announced last month. And spring recreation programming will be cut by 25%.

Beginning Monday, the DMV will stop processing vehicle registration renewals in person. Anyone who needs to renew their vehicle registration will have to do it online after that date. Vehicle registration renewals can be done online by clicking here.

Those who do not have internet access can also renew their vehicle registrations by mail or at a kiosk.

If going the mail route, you’ll be asked to mail your payment, your renewal card and proof of emissions or insurance (if required) to the Denver Motor Vehicle Main Office, located at 2855 Tremont Place, Denver, CO 80205.

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Denver is cutting these services in 2024 to respond to the migrant crisis

Óscar Contreras
12:52 PM, Feb 09, 2024

Those renewing their vehicle registrations through kiosks, which are located in grocery stores around the city, will be able to print registration stickers on the spot. Denverites who need an emissions test can use the kiosk the day after the emissions test is completed.

Results will show up in the kiosk, city officials said. Need to find a kiosk near you? Click here.

City officials said that moving vehicle registration renewals online will help the city preserve staff for new vehicle registrations, which must happen in person, as well as for title services, license plates and people who need additional assistance.

The DMV will also have weekly rotating closures to allow staff employees from one closed branch to staff the other four satellite locations. No changes will be made to the days and hours of the DMV main office in Denver (located at 2855 Tremont Place). All other branches at the DMV will close for one week, every four weeks, on a rotating basis. The first office to close beginning Monday will be the Montbello neighborhood location, 4685 Peoria Street #101.

No employees will be laid off, but the city won’t be hiring a recruiting class of nine new DMV employees due to these cuts.

City officials said these cuts will amount to approximately $5 million in savings, which combined with $10 million from contingency funds and another $15 million from the Castro building, saving a total of about $30 million as a start to help the city respond to the influx of migrants.

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