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Cord cutting 101: Millions ditching cable TV for streaming devices

Cord cutting 101: Millions ditching cable TV
Posted at 12:33 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 14:13:47-05

If a good chunk of your budget is going toward paying your cable bill, you could be the perfect candidate for "cutting the cord," joining the millions of people who have already chosen to do so.

Denver7 connected with experts from FreeTVEE, a local cord cutting service and installation company, to learn about why more people are choosing to go this route for their TV consumption.

FreeTVEE said the number one reason people cut the cord is to save money. The company said its average customer saves $1,500 per year and sees an average return investment in six to seven months. FreeTVEE offers a money saving calculator on its website for you to compare how much you're paying on your cable bill now versus how much you could be paying with other services.

FreeTVEE said the number two reason people cut the cord is they want to get away from two year contracts with large channel bundles not fully being used in the household.

FreeTVEE listed the following top three options people go with when cutting the cord:

1.      ANTENNA: Local Network Channels Free via an outdoor HD Antenna
2.      DVR/TV GUIDE: No Monthly Rate DVRs with a one button commercial skip
3.      STREAMING: The Top 100 Cable Channels via Streaming