Contractor exposed by 7NEWS back at it again

Posted at 11:19 PM, Sep 26, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-27 01:19:25-04

A contractor 7NEWS exposed for shoddy work last August appears to be back in business under a different name.

Englewood homeowner Colter Starks' said he hired Two Brothers Paving and Concrete after they left a flyer on his door.

He paid the contractor $1,300 to patch and seal the cracks in his concrete, but now says his front steps and driveway look even worse.

"There's kind of a pit in this stair, and this bottom one kind of waves out," Starks showed 7NEWS Reporter Jennifer Kovaleski.

When the contractor finished the work Starks' raised some concerns, but said the contractor convinced him everything was ok.

"They told me they needed to let it dry and that they would actually come back out, once it was dry," he said.

They never came back and wouldn't return any of Starks' calls or emails.

Starks' said he disputed the charge with his credit card company and brought in another contractor for a second opinion.

"The worst work I've ever seen, I wouldn't even say they did anything but paint it - I've never seen anything like this," said co-owner of LEM Landscaping

7NEWS found the same contractor ripped off homeowners in Aurora last year.

"I cried for two days, I mean, literally was sick to my stomach," said homeowner Mary Ann Gage.

"You can see where the steps are entirely different color than everything," explained homeowner Dennis Kee.

Back then, the company was called J&S Paving, then they were Reliable Paving and Remodeling and now they're Two Brothers Paving and Concrete. All three are listed as alternate names for the same company on the Better Business Bureau's website.

J&S Paving's licensed expired with the secretary of state's office, but it was filed by owner Anthony Prier. Reliable Paving and Remodeling has a current license with the state also under Prier's name.  Two Brother's Paving and Concrete is not licensed with the state.

Last August, Prier spoke with 7NEWS Reporter Jennifer Kovaleski and claimed he was in the process of moving out of state.

Kovaleski tried to call the contractor again, but no one answered.

For Starks' he just wants his money back and to let other people know this contractor is back in business.

"I guess they figured a name change would kind of do the trick and nobody would be able to figure it out," he said.

In the last few days, someone from the company did reach out to Starks and offer a refund. However, he has yet to see that money.