Consultant: Colorado visits critical for Donald Trump and Gary Johnson

Posted at 9:23 PM, Oct 01, 2016

DENVER, Colo. - With all eyes closely watching the fluctuating polling numbers in the race for the White House, Colorado voters are again in play.

Donald Trump will return for two stops on Monday.

A CNN poll showed Hillary Clinton with a narrow two percentage point lead over Trump in Colorado prior to the first debate on September 26.

A public policy poll showed 53 percent of people in Colorado 53 believed Clinton won the first debate, with only 31 percent of Colorado viewers saying Trump won.

One respected Republican consultant says the fluctuating numbers make Trump's visit on Monday even more important.

“Donald Trump is signaling how important Colorado is to him right now," said Dick Wadhams former Colorado Republican State Chairman.

Wadhams called Monday's Colorado swing, a critical opportunity to try and win a key swing state.

“There are still a lot of Republicans that have doubts about him and frankly his debate performance did not give them a lot of assurance that he can take this all the way,” added Wadhams.

Libertarian Gary Johnson will also speak to supporters in Parker, Colorado on Monday.  Wadhams says Johnson’s appearance in Colorado, also sends a key message at a time when he has the ability to impact both Trump and Clinton. 

“Gary Johnson is a huge problem for Hilary Clinton right now," said Wadhams.  "And, also potentially a problem for Donald Trump because there are still a lot of Republicans not convinced of Donald Trump and they might be looking for an alternative”

Wadhams says Monday's trips by Trump and Johnson will also apply pressure to the Clinton campaign and may force a Colorado response. 

The Democratic candidate has not been to Colorado since August 3.

“It will be interesting to see what Hillary Clinton does because she hasn't been here in awhile. She hasn't done TV accept the national ads that she is running," said Wadhams.


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