Denver construction worker injured from electrical box explosion wins $16 million settlement

Posted at 10:12 PM, Nov 05, 2018

DENVER -- A construction worker struggling to get his life back after an accident on the job has won his case in court. A jury decided he should receive $16 million after an electrical box exploded, nearly taking his life.

Brian Warembourg made a living as a floorer. Working with his hands was part of his identity and how he provided for his family until things took a turn in 2015.

"The electricity entered through my hands. We believe it exited through a metal bracelet I had on my wrist," said Warembourg.

He was on the job of a new construction site in Berthoud. When his tools had no source of power, he went to the breaker box to troubleshoot the issues.

"When I hit the middle breaker, is when the panel somehow exploded," said Warembourg. "Feeling like I died for a second, is what I thought originally due to the sound of the boom.”

He told Denver7 a bolt of electricity entered through his hands and ever since then he's been in debilitating pain.  He's been diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome.

"I’m constantly having heat flashes, body temperature changes. I get shooting pains through my legs, through my arms, stabbing, throbbing," said Warembourg.

This case went to court after Excel Electric claimed it’s electrical box wasn’t faulty. Warembourg’s attorney Kurt Zaner told Denver7 Excel Electric destroyed the box before a cause of the explosion could be determined and instead, blamed the accident on Warembourg and his employer.

A jury sided with Warembourg settling on a $16 million figure that accounted for past and future wage losses, medical care and pain and suffering.

"His medication alone will cost him over a million dollars for the rest of his life, so the settlement will give him some comfort that he can get his medical care," said Zaner.

The only hope Warembourg has to feel better are experimental treatments.

"I would wish this upon no one, what I’ve had to go through," said Warembourg.

Denver7 reached out to Excel Electric to ask if they've changed anything since the accident to make it safer for construction sites. The company’s attorney declined to comment.