Bill would allow concealed carry without permit

Posted at 9:50 PM, Jan 27, 2016

A bill that would allow concealed carry of firearms without a permit in Colorado passed a senate committee 3-2 on Wednesday.

Senators sitting on the Senate State Veterans and Military Affairs Committee heard testimony from people for and against the bill.

The Constitutional Carry bill is being introduced by Sen. Tim Neville who says the climate in our country is leading more people to want to defend themselves.

"I think especially with the situation that's going on with terrorism in our country and other things, the ability for people to defend themselves without having to get a license and pay tremendous dollars," said Sen. Neville.

Those speaking out against this bill included a 12-year-old Evergreen girl who pleaded with lawmakers that more concealed guns on Colorado streets will not equal a safer state.

“I think that passing this law would allow too many untrained people to carry guns and use them, please don't pass this bill," she said.

However, others testified before the committee that Colorado should simply follow suit with other states who’ve already passed a law like this.

 “This is something that needs to happen, seven states I believe have already recognized that this is a constitutional right,” said Jim Mapes, who’s in favor of the constitutional carry bill.

The bill now heads to the Finance Committee because it would actually save the state money by eliminating the permitting process.