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'A warm and open spirit': Community leaders reflect on Anne Trujillo's legacy

In honor of the retirement of Denver7 evening anchor Anne Trujillo, community leaders are reflecting on their favorite memories of her.
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Posted at 9:45 PM, Nov 13, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-15 00:08:14-05

DENVER – In honor of the retirement of Denver7 evening anchor Anne Trujillo, community leaders are reflecting on their favorite memories of her.

“I have come to known Anne over the years. As a young person, she was so involved in the community and on screen," said Latino Leadership Institute CEO Joelle Martinez. "And my family, being the community leaders that they were, worked alongside her on boards and organizations and watched her on TV and enjoyed her out in the community over the years."

Trujillo was recently named the recipient of the 2023 Latino Leadership and Legacy Award.

Martinez said her favorite memory of Trujillo stems from an encounter 25 years ago when Martinez was working at her uncle’s law firm.

“Anne was, at the time, serving on the LAEF (Latin American Education Foundation) Board with my uncle,” Martinez said. “Anne called to speak with him about LAEF business and I happened to answer the phone. And Anne has 'the Anne effect,' which is this unique combination of comfort and confidence. So, I answered the phone and she says, ‘This is Anne Trujillo calling for Leonard Martinez,’ and her professionalism, her way of creating energy and space makes you feel better, makes you feel prouder. And I remember at that young age working, you know, all of a sudden sitting up straight and patching her through.”

Nita Gonzales, community activist and co-founder of Servicios de la Raza, first met Trujillo 38 years ago while both were involved in numerous community organizations.

“I became aware of Anne when she was on television and I saw a Latina Mexicana on television. I was shocked," Gonzales said. "But what was even more incredible is her journalism, her accuracy, her articulation, her intellect... I was so impressed with it.”

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He said Anne is a unique person who is humble and works with grace.

“She has a warm and open spirit, caring spirit about her,” he continued. “When she meets with you, when she's doing a story covering events in the community, or attending events, you're not afraid to go up and talk with her. It doesn't feel like she's not reachable. She was always open. And that's what I loved about her. But I also enjoyed our cafecitos, our lunch times together, around very critical issues in the community.”

Nita’s brother, co-founder and CEO of Servicios de la Raza Rudy Gonzales, said Trujillo is an irreplaceable voice for the community.

“Anne Trujillo has made me watch [Denver7]," he said. "I think she's a trusted and an amazing journalist who does her homework, who also is part of our community, who comes to our community, who relates to our community, who has been seen in our community, not just by me, but by many others. And she has a relationship and connection to our community that I think is authentic and unique."

Trujillo has also served on several nonprofit organizations boards, including for the Denver Scholarship Foundation.

“I’ve known Anne Trujillo for a very long time," said Lorii Rabinowitz, CEO of Denver Scholarship Foundation. "I actually have a background in media as well. And so in my background previously at the station where I worked, I had the chance to meet Anne there and then fast forward many years, as I've been lucky enough to serve as the CEO of Denver Scholarship Foundation, Anne has been involved with our organization even longer than I have. And she has emceed our gala for many years, has engaged with the students, scholars and alumni we serve for many years. And we were so excited that she agreed to join our board of directors at Denver Scholarship Foundation about four years ago as well."

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Rabinowitz said Trujillo’s connection and deep commitment to the community makes her an extremely valuable member of the board.

“It's never that she's just doing a story or emceeing an event. It's that she's deeply connected to Denver Scholarship Foundation, and our work, as well as the students, scholars and alumni we serve,” Rabinowitz said. “Aside from me, our colleagues, our students, our scholars, our alumni are the families with whom we're so lucky to work with, all sing Anne’s praises from the rooftops. She is so authentic, and genuine in her interactions and connections with people in total, that when she meets anyone really who's involved with DSF, because she's so passionate about the work that we do, she connects with folks immediately. And because she's so passionate about building those connections, it's always incredibly authentic. And anyone who engages with an knows that right away.”

Rabinowitz said she’s so excited for whatever comes next for Anne and even though she won’t be on TV daily anymore, she looks forward to continuing to see her in the community.

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