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Colorado’s Quinn Snacks puts organic twist on traditional household treats

Posted at 1:48 PM, Feb 24, 2020
and last updated 2021-01-05 17:22:33-05

LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Colorado has embraced a nationwide push to live cleaner, healthier lives and a local business is helping people reach that goal by transforming the most common household snacks.

Quinn Snacks in Louisville is giving traditional family pastimes an organic spin with their “farm-to-bag” concept.

Kristy Lewis remembers growing up in the 1980s and popping popcorn with family and friends.

“We grew up popping popcorn at sleepovers,” Lewis said. “And when you fast-forward into my early 20s, I start becoming obsessed with what's in our food.”

The thought of artificial flavors and coloring in most childhood treats didn't sit well with her, so she launched Quinn Snacks, named after her son who was born about the same time.

“We wanted to make this product better for our families, better for our children,” Lewis said. “Put something safer, healthier, better for you on the market because we can.”

The goal nine years ago, when she started, was simply to reimagine microwave popcorn with all natural ingredients.

It evolved into an industry-changing movement.

“Quinn does resonate, especially with moms of children who really want to know how it's being made, what's going in there,” Lewis said. “Are they using organic ingredients or are they not? Or what else are they doing?”

Quinn Snacks now offers whole grain gluten-free pretzels as well as peanut butter- and chocolate-filled nuggets.

“Those are fantastic, we go through a bunch of those at my house,” she said with a smile.

Quinn Snacks even strips the packaging of any potentially harmful chemicals and uses biodegradable materials.

But their bread and butter is still their popcorn.

“It tastes like popcorn that you would make at home on your stove, adding your own ingredients and your seasonings,” Lewis said. “And that's what we really wanted to do.”

You pop the corn in the microwave as normal, then add the oil and seasonings included, and shake the bag.

“It’s a fun engagement snack where you bring family and friends together,” Lewis said.

She’s hoping to open our eyes to exactly what we're consuming, without taking away the joys of so many fond memories.

“Snacks like this, I really do think, bring everyone together in sort of a magical way,” Lewis said. “So we really encourage everyone to pop popcorn and watch a movie on Friday or Saturday night.”

You can find Quinn Snacks at grocery stores like King Soopers, Safeway, and Whole Foods, and online at

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