Colorado's favorite job listing term is 'Change Driver,' review of job listings finds

Posted at 11:10 AM, Jul 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-28 13:10:38-04

DENVER — In New York, businessmen apparently herd cats. In Michigan, job seekers are encouraged to have the “eye of the tiger.” In Colorado, those who get jobs are likely change drivers.

Textio, a company that analyzes data to help optimize hiring for businesses across the nation, scanned millions of want ads to pick out the jargon most commonly used in every state. In Colorado, “change driver” took the cake.

That’s similar to North Dakota, whose frequent term “drives change” is a sought after trait in applicants.

The results of the Textio analysis raised some eyebrows, especially for those questioning terms like New York's “herding cats” and Oregon's "revolutioneering." It also shed light on corporate jargon, like Vermont’s “KPIs” (key performance indicators) and Maryland’s corporate alignment.

Check out the entire list of each state’s most popular jargon words below:

Here’s the complete list of terms by state:

  • Alabama?: ?Value add
  • Alaska?: ?Corporate values
  • Arkansas: Driven results
  • Arizona: Build synergy
  • California?: Tee Up
  • Colorado?: Change driver
  • Connecticut?: Leverage expertise
  • Delaware?: ?Exhibits good judgement
  • Florida?: Win-win outcome
  • Georgia: Hit your numbers
  • Hawaii?: Magic Happens
  • Iowa?: Exit strategy
  • Idaho?: Achieve alignment
  • Illinois?: Be action-oriented
  • Indiana?: Fire in the belly
  • Kansas?: Identify opportunity
  • Kentucky?: Possess strength
  • Louisiana?: Synergize
  • Massachusetts?: Thought leaders
  • Maryland?: Corporate alignment
  • Maine?: Goes the extra mile
  • Michigan: Eye of the tiger
  • Minnesota?: Face time
  • Mississippi?: Bring to the table
  • Missouri?: Company value
  • Montana?: Strategic initiative
  • Nebraska?: Overachiever
  • Nevada?: Increase productivity
  • New Hampshire?: Manage escalation
  • New Jersey?: In our DNA
  • New Mexico?: Close the loop
  • New York?: Herd cats
  • North Carolina?: Good practice
  • North Dakota: Drives change
  • Ohio: ?Out of the park
  • Oklahoma?: Bleeding edge
  • Oregon: ?Revolutioneering
  • Rhode Island?: Push the envelope
  • South Carolina?: Buy in
  • South Dakota: ?Reach out to you
  • Tennessee: ?Touch base
  • Texas?: Statement of duties
  • Utah?: Learnings
  • Vermont?: KPIs
  • Virginia?: Not intimidated
  • Washington?: Through the roof
  • Washington DC?: Shift the paradigm
  • West Virginia?: Off the floor
  • Wisconsin?: Blaze the trail
  • Wyoming?: Strategic communications