Colorado woman wants other Republican delegates to dump Donald Trump; Free the Delegates 2016

Posted at 10:37 PM, Jun 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-19 00:37:50-04

He may be the Republican Party's presumptive nominee, but one Colorado delegate says she'll never vote for Donald Trump. 

Denver7 spoke to the leader of the new movement, Kendal Unruh, who says she actually wants to change convention rules.

“This truly has to happen this way. We're not destroying the party. We're saving the party,” said Unruh.

The Colorado delegate is also an American government teacher at Jim Elliot Christian. She's spent more than 30-years in the Republican Party and says she's always been a "good soldier."

“In the last seven conventions, the nominees have not been my first choice but I’ve always fallen in line,” she said.

That was until Donald Trump became her party's presumptive nominee.

“We were actually watching the emergence of Trump and getting some amusement out of it. He's breaking down establishment walls, he's shaking the process up, he's doing things that had never been done before, he's tapping into that frustration that we all feel,” she said.

But when Trump criticized Judge Curiel and mocked a reporter with disabilities, Unruh says he crossed the line.

“That screamed so loudly to me,” she said, “It went beyond juvenile tactics. It was telling me he didn't understand the sanctity of life.”

Now Unruh says she wants to change convention rules to include a "conscience clause" allowing delegates "bound" to Trump to vote against him.

She's not pitching a specific replacement -- just yet.

“We have delegates that are Rubio, we have delegates who are Walker, Cruz delegates. We don't have a picture on the box as to who the nominee will be if this works,” she said.

Unruh says her campaign to "Free the Delegates 2016" is just getting warmed up. She's launching a website tomorrow to rally support. 

“It's not something that is going to get less strong, as we approach the convention, it's only gaining momentum,” she said.