Colorado to narrow down one specific location for Amazon headquarters

Posted at 7:18 PM, Sep 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-22 12:06:35-04

DENVER – Colorado is coordinating multiple proposals from cities within the metro area for the Amazon headquarters. 

The Colorado Office of Economic Development plans to have that proposal completed by early October. 

What is different from previous bids, like when Colorado tried to attract Boeing, is that the state will submit a consolidated bid with one preferred site. The Colorado Office of Economic Development said it will also submit other alternative sites as well to Amazon.  

There are multiple locations Amazon could ultimately choose. However, Colorado wants to make sure it’s presenting a strong, unified vision to lure Amazon. 

Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. said it couldn't confirm what specific site is the number one choice for the proposal, but did say the metro area is the prime choice. 

Areas could include the Denver International Airport Region, River North Section, the Gates Rubber Plant in central Denver and the most recent contender the former StorageTek Campus in Louisville. 

Amazon does have specific requirements for the new headquarters. Examples include access to transit and being within a 45-minute drive to the airport, along with proximity to a major metropolitan area. 

“I think for us, we look at Denver International Airport as the global connector for our region and our state,” said Sam Bailey, the vice president for economic development for the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. “But ultimately our site comes down to what Amazon decides is the best opportunity for them.”

According to Denver7's media partners the Denver Post, the Colorado Office of Economic Development expects to have a proposal completed by Oct. 6 and that will go to Gov. John Hickenlooper the following week for review ahead of Amazon's Oct. 19 deadline.