Colorado Safe2Tell reports in June increase by 83% from 2018 to 2019

Posted at 10:53 AM, Jul 08, 2019

DENVER – The number of Safe2Tell tips received by the state increased 83% in June over the previous June despite most Colorado students being out of class – something the attorney general’s office believes is a sign that students are still using the program when school is out of session.

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office, which oversees the program, said Monday that Safe2Tell received 674 tips in June – a decrease from when school was in session but a marked increase year-over-year. The program has received 19,511 actionable tips in the 2018-19 school year, a 22% increase over the previous school year.

The office said that suicide threats and drugs account for the highest number of tips, but tips about cyber bullying has moved into the top six types of tips reported as of June – which the office attributes to children having more time to be online.

The state reports that just 2.45% of the tips received this school year were found to be false and submitted with ill intent. Police and school districts are required to follow up on every tip to find out if they are credible.

“Even though Colorado schools are on summer break, we are seeing an 83 percent increase in reports from this same time last year. This may very well be attributed to an increase in students’ understanding of how, when, and why to make a Safe2Tell report. I am grateful for that heightened knowledge, which enhances our prevention and intervention abilities,” said Safe2Tell Director Essi Ellis.

Safe2Tell was created after the Columbine High School shooting and allows students to anonymously report threats to themselves and others. People can call 1-877-542-733 anytime to make a report or can do so at or through the Safe2Tell mobile app.