Colorado man to deliver RVs and trailers to firefighters who lost their homes in California fire
Posted at 4:15 PM, Aug 11, 2021

DENVER -- When firefighters are called upon to face dangerous wildfires, they sacrifice everything for the good of others. It is with that in mind that moved Woody Faircloth to start his own nonprofit,

"A lot of people have RVs but they just have them in storage and don’t use them as much as they use to, so if you donate them to our nonprofit we can give you the full appraised value as a tax deduction," said Faircloth.

Over the years, he’s donated 90 RVs and trailers to firefighters.

"Some of these firefighters we helped just last year, they drove by their homes as they were being engulfed in flames because they were evacuating the town," said Faircloth.

Come Friday, he’ll be on the road to the Dixie Fire in California to deliver a RV and a trailer.

"We got called two days ago from the California Fire Foundation, and they told us that, 'Hey, we’ve got 10 firefighters who lost their homes and we really could use your help,'" said Faircloth.

Some of the firefighters still don’t know they lost their home. Making it even more meaningful when Faircloth provides a place for them to take shelter.

"Some of those firefighters have young families and they don’t have anywhere to go. They’ve lost everything they own, and we just want to give them a place to call home until they can get up on their feet again," said Faircloth.

It’s a need Faircloth only sees increasing as wildfires continue to destroy so much and leave by behind little to nothing.

"We still have a home to come home to. We’re still blessed with everything we have and there is no adversity," said Faircloth.

A small act of kindness that could mean a world of a difference to a firefighter in need.