Colorado developer creates real-time polling app to improve engagement

766,000 votes cast as of September
Posted at 10:02 PM, Sep 26, 2016
and last updated 2019-03-21 18:20:45-04

DENVER -- A Colorado app developer thinks he has the answer to the next generation of polling. An app called Voter Moe gives voters the ability to case their vote and view results in real-time.

It also goes beyond a simple vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The app breaks down key demographic info into various categories. Users can view demographics based on the individual candidates or key issues like job creation and the environment.

Startup founder Aris Persidis modeled it after his existing football app, Gridiron Moe, that lets users vote on plays during live football games.

The first presidential debate gives potential voters another opportunity to have their say on Voter Moe. When it comes to politics, traditional polling is facing challenges especially with younger or millennial voters.

"People want to be heard but there aren't that many options for them to do that if you think about it," said Persidis. "So do people even respond to landline polls? Do you have a landline?"

Persidis admits the data is more like a snapshot in time and is not meant to predict the results of the election. Instead he wanted to provide a platform where potential voters can engage and see what others are thinking.

"We can see how we change our minds and that's as much part of the narrative as anything else," said Persidis.

More than 766,000 votes have been cast on the app as of September 26. Voter Moe has already been contacted by campaigns and college groups interested in app.

You can cast your vote by downloading the free app in the iTunes store. Persidis expects it will be available on Android devices within the next three weeks.


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