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Colorado company RVHookup makes road-tripping easy with rentable RVs

Posted at 11:50 AM, Jun 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-13 13:50:07-04

DENVER — Family road trips are a summer pastime, and in Colorado there is so much to explore.

A local business is making it easier than ever to jump in an RV and go.

JJ Schoonover is the founder of RVHookup, a website that connects RV owners with prospective renters.

“So, basically, now we have about 60,000 RVs nationwide,” Schoonover said. “Owners of RVs come to our site, they sign up their RV. Sometimes they have camping supplies they rent with their RV. And, then renters come to the site.”

The vehicle options range from smaller pop-up trailers to full-size motorhomes.

“Camper vans are very popular,” Schoonover said. “People rent those for months on end and go everywhere. It's kind of like a hotel room on wheels.”

The choices even include some quirky outfits, like a tiny home built onto the bed of a truck.

“Everyone who rents it, even driving here, people stopping, pulling off the side of the highway, asking you how you built it,” Schoonover said. “It's definitely an eye catching vehicle.”

The concept has certainly caught the eye of a growing vacation rental industry.

“We've seen the highest growth with millennials,” Schoonover said. “Obviously it's a great thing for families.”

And, it's good for the RV owners, too. Schoonover said the average RV sits idle 340 days a year. Precious time that's now available for others to use, and a good experience will keep renters coming back.

“They get accustomed to that particular RV,” Schoonover said. “They feel comfortable with it, they make memories with it. There's really no better place with all the national parks, the high peaks, the outdoors.”

RVHookup has also partnered with Outdoorsy, which offers insurance coverage, so you can venture on vacation worry-free.