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Colorado company PATTIandRICKY sells inclusive clothing accessories for all abilities

Posted at 12:33 PM, Oct 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 14:33:03-04

DENVER — A Denver entrepreneur is making it a little easier for children and adults with disabilities who plan to hit the candy trail this Halloween. sells “fashionable and functional” accessories and clothing items to accommodate various medical needs.

“There’s a marketplace that’s a one-stop shop for people with disabilities of all different types," said PATTIandRICKY CEO Alexandra Herold.

“We have adaptive body suits for infants who have catheters and g-tubes…we have (these) patented designed pie shape bags that actually go onto the wheel of a wheel chair. You can put your cell phone and your inhaler, as well as some trick or treating treats,” Herold said.

Herold said her items and the idea for her website were inspired by two family members.

“My mom was named Patti and she was in the NYC fashion industry, loved getting dressed and being fashion forward. When she was diagnosed with brain cancer over 12 years ago, there was nothing fashionable for her. Getting dressed in the morning was really tough and I didn't know that there was clothing out there for her that would be functional and fashionable,” Herold said.

“My cousin Ricky was born unable to walk or talk, and he was the coolest teenager you’ve ever met. He loved fashion."

Herold said most of her merchandise is designed by people with disabilities, including herself.

“I have hidden disabilities myself, I’m dyslexic, I have auditory processing disorder, I have short term memory issues and ADHD,” Herold said.

Herold told Denver7 that as she struggled with her own disabilities, PATTIandRICKY helped her help others to feel comfortable and chic while celebrating what makes them different.