Colorado companies lead the charge in taming beards during No Shave November

Posted at 2:53 PM, Nov 28, 2018

DENVER — No Shave November isn't just about embracing your inner mountain man; it's a time to raise money and awareness for the diseases that impact so many families.

All this month, Denver7 has been teaming up with the American Cancer Society to raise money for cancer research, education, awareness and prevention.

Denver7 has also discovered there are a number of Colorado businesses helping to keep Colorado men well-groomed and comfortable.

“I have three different blends [of beard oil]," said Brett Benedetti, owner of Healthy Beard Oil Company based out of Littleton.

Recognizing the popularity of the scruffy look in Colorado, Benedetti launched his company a few years ago.

"And we make all our products in-house,” he said. “It's all 100 percent organic.”

Healthy Beard Oil Companyoffers beard oils and beard balms to all you grizzly Colorado hipsters.

"It’s really a hobby that turned into a business for me," Benedetti said.

The same could be said for Kelly Perkins, owner of Spinster Sisters, a microsoapery (think microbrewery for soap) based in Golden.

"We officially became a business in January of 2012," Perkins said.

With two locations in Golden and Boulder, Spinster Sisters offers all-natural skin care products.           

"Everything is handcrafted here in Golden," Perkins said. That includes their beard oils and beard balms for me.

"You know, the wilder beards need a little bit of taming," Perkins said.

Benedetti says that's the key. Growing an epic beard in Colorado must include hygiene.

"The ladies love when it's groomed,” Benedetti said. “The guys love it. You have to take care of yourself. You have to take care of your hair."

And this month, the story behind these products goes beyond skin deep. Benedetti is donating 25 percent of every sale to the American Cancer Society in honor of the DenverNovemBeard campaign.

“Raising money for cancer, which is awesome," he said.