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Colorado Black Round Table says weekend rioters were not Black Lives Matters protesters

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Posted at 4:30 AM, Aug 26, 2020

The leader of Colorado Black Round Table says weekend rioters in downtown Denver were not Black Lives Matter protesters.

"Black community protesters — we go during the day. Most of the time, we go during the day," said John Bailey with Colorado Black Round Table. "We don't hide our faces, we don't get behind hoods and masks, don't carry a pickax under our coat in the middle of summer — that's not how we operate."

Bailey said he wants people to know that they don’t partake in violence, destruction of property. Denver officials said on Sunday that the actions of the people on Saturday amounted to "anarchy."

Bailey said his group wants to start a series of conversations about the future of policing in Denver.

"Set some goals and objectives of what we want," Bailey said. "Really trying to define what police community engagement looks like and what public safety looks like in the Black community and throughout Denver."

Bailey's group plans to start the conversation Wednesday with a media conference and community discussion at 4 p.m.

"We want to start a regular dialogue and on-going meeting process between Black community leaders and Denver Public Safety leaders as soon as possible to talk about public safety issue challenges and changes in the Black community as well as police - community engagement and what that should look like going forward," Bailey wrote in a statement to the media.

To join Wednesday's meeting, click here.

Meeting ID: 835 8717 6059
Passcode: 122229