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Coloradans with family in Ukraine fear for their loved ones as Russia launches war

Coloradans with family in Ukraine listen to President Biden addressing the nation
Posted at 4:47 PM, Feb 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-24 20:41:44-05

DENVER — On days like today, words can't seem to fully describe the emotions.

“For me, that's unbelievable,” said Julia Ukhnovsky.

From a room inside her Arvada pharmacy, Julia Ukhnovsky and her friend, Dmytro Sokulskiy, watched history unfold.

“Missile strikes began to fall on historic cities across Ukraine. Putin declared his war,” President Joe Biden said during his address to the nation.

An unreal feeling settled over Ukhnovsky and Sokulskiy as they watched on.

“Nobody was prepared for that," said Ukhnovsky. "Nobody, I still do not believe that happened."

Both Ukhnovsky and Sokulskiy have family in Ukraine. The last time they spoke to their families was moments after the invasion began.

“That's my family, so I'm afraid for them," said Sokulskiy. "I did not sleep the whole day because I was talking with my whole family from my side and from my wife's side."

Since the start of the invasion, communication has been non-existent.

“I don't know how they, how they will survive,” said Ukhnovsky.

It's created a sense of helplessness and uncertainty the two have never felt before.

“They will occupy the capital of Ukraine, and they will put their flag instead of Ukrainian flag and they will establish their government. That's a prediction. That's what freaking Putin wants to do,” said Ukhnovsky.

With no sign of where their families are taking shelter and when they’ll hear their voices again, all Ukhnovsky and Sokulskiy can do is hope.

“We support you as we can and we pray for you,” said Sokulskiy.